Morbern Residential:

Performance Fabrics for your busy lifestyle.

Morbern's vinyl upholstery fabrics live life with you.

Morbern specializes in performance fabrics for a busy lifestyle. Choose from a wide variety of patterns, designs and textures from faux leathers to fresh colors for all your residential vinyl upholstery needs. Morbern has developed products with a soft, supple hand and leather-like feel; easy to upholster and very comfortable in use. Our products are durable and formulated to be stain resistant, fire resistant, antimicrobial and antibacterial.

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Allante, Allante Perf, Carrara, Dauphine, Hampton, Heritage, Hexx, Jamestown, Kixx, Knockout, Legacy, Lynx, Macallan, Morocco, Natural Linen, Prodigy, Rhythm, Solstice, Sundance, Woodford