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Morbern Adds New Coating Line

Cornwall, Ontario

Morbern is announcing an 18 month, $9 million dollar expansion at its Cornwall, Ontario manufacturing facility.  This expansion is made up of 20,000 ft2 additional manufacturing space, and a new state of the art, high-speed coating line.

This new printing line will incorporate a great deal of new technology.  The project has been under development for 9 months, with the construction started in earnest in April.   The new building will be erected over the summer by local business, Perras-Distefano. The new equipment will arrive by fall, and will be fully implemented by the New Year.

“This will allow us to continue our expansion into our various markets.  It will allow us to offer better products than our existing technology allows.  As well, this line will allow us to better compete, including with competitors from countries throughout the world. This is a big step forward for Morbern, and for Cornwall, and we are very excited here,” according to Mark Bloomfield, the Chief Executive Officer of Morbern.

The equipment was sourced through a comprehensive purchasing review, with 7 international bidders in the process.   This equipment is highly specialized, with a 55 week lead time from initial purchase order to full release to Morbern.

“Some of the things we are doing on this line have never been done in our industry. We are taking best-practices from other industries, and incorporating them in this new line.  It’s going to be an amazing sight,” said Jacques St. Denis, President of Morbern. “Our capabilities here in Cornwall are going to be world class.”

This addition was done with help of the Canadian government, through financing from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).  “Over 75% of the financing requirements will be through a new term debt loan from BDC,” said Bloomfield. The Ontario government also contributed with a grant from the Eastern Ontario Development Fund.

About Morbern

Morbern is a privately held, coated fabric manufacturer located in Cornwall, and has been producing in Cornwall for 52 years.    Their markets are the automotive, heavy truck, and general seating products throughout the NAFTA region.  Morbern employs roughly 400 people throughout the world, 250 of which are in Cornwall.

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