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Interview with Jordan Feltrup-Exum

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We sat down with Jordan Feltrup-Exum, an adopted Texan and Morbern’s Director of Sales, to discuss the changes in coated fabrics and what challenges 2023 might bring. Along the way, we discovered some surprising talents.


How long have you been in the textile industry and what were you doing before you joined Morbern?

My background in textiles began in college and started me on a career path 13 years ago. Prior to Morbern, I held roles for designers, distributors, and manufacturers in the textile industry.


Is there something about the textile industry that draws you to it?  

The world of textiles is very attractive in the way that it combines attributes of engineering, technology, and design.  These three characteristics must work in harmony.


Why work for Morbern?

I came to Morbern to deepen my knowledge base in production, product development, and programmatic launches.


How are Morbern’s vinyls superior to other products in the marketplace?

Morbern offers a unique blend of qualities in its vinyl offerings, catering to the OEMs, the Tier One suppliers as well as distributors.


What have been the biggest changes in the textile business since you started in the industry?

Over the past 5 years, we have witnessed several significant adjustments to the industry.  These include developing products made with fewer chemicals, using renewable resources, and improvements to the durability of the cleansers used to prevent the spread of disease.


Do you feel like we are finally emerging from the pandemic and what does that mean for vinyl sales?

The pandemic eroded some opportunities, while others grew.  Vinyl-coated fabrics provided key elements to preserve the life cycle of upholstery in the field by offering excellent cleanability options for numerous cleansers.


What are the biggest challenges facing the vinyl industry in 2022/2023?

The challenges facing most people in 2022 into 2023 will be a lack of supply and ongoing inflation.


Which of your accomplishments with Morbern are you most proud?

My team is my accomplishment. I work with the best people.


Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents?

When I have free time, I rebuild vintage watches. It is a detail-oriented activity, but the payoff is in seeing a watch work again.


Rumor has it you have an IMDB page. Care to explain?

I do have an IMDB page! I participated in a film called “Tears of Blood” that was watched all over the world as part of film festivals. My younger brother, Brendan Feltrup-Exum, wrote and directed it in 2008, and cast me as a Greek soldier. I actually did not know I had an IMDB page until I Google searched myself one day.


What led you to study interior design?

Interior design offered a balance between design and function.  My passion for creating something beautiful must align with production capabilities.


What are you reading?

I am currently reading a book on the work of Erte’ (Romain de Tirtoff), a Russian-born French Artist.


Are you a native Texan?  

I have adopted Texas as much as it has adopted me, but I have lived in Florida, Kentucky, and North Carolina.  I attended college, bought my first home and married my wife – a true native Texan – in Texas.


What can we find you doing when you’re not at work?

A very large portion of my non-work time is spent with my growing family.  My daughter is turning two very soon and we have another baby on the way.  As I remind others, family comes first.