Riding the Stylish Seas: Morbern’s Rio Makes a Splash

What better name for a fashionable vinyl than the home of Carnaval? Built to handle the swells of the seven seas or your average lake wake, Rio is Morbern’s newest marine accent vinyl created for upholstery and accessory trim parts.

This accent vinyl is developed on Morbern’s Splash construction featuring multi-directional stretch, engineered for upholstery applications on contoured seating foam and accessory parts, making it an upholsterer’s dream. Rio employs Morbern’s standard marine topcoat, a textured, highly cleanable surface enhanced with UV inhibitors.

Rio is surprisingly stylish for such a hard-working product. Its name is a nod to the fashionable and flamboyant party atmosphere on the Brazilian coast, with a freehand cross-hatch pattern that simulates popular textiles in the apparel industry. Rio’s surface builds in a pearl finish with a satin gloss to create a vinyl with more depth and dimension. It deftly provides a textured metallic accent to Morbern’s wide array of neutral base vinyl’s, namely Voyager, Splash, Bayside, and Mink.

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“Morbern’s digital printing capabilities create crisp designs not achievable with other printing methods”

Jenni Hohendorf, Burch Fabrics

“Having no additives is extremely important. Right now it is just California but it’s definitely going to cross the nation.”

Mitzi Mills, Anzea Textiles

“In coated fabrics, Morbern was our first supplier to provide an FR-free PVC.”

Mitzi Mills, Anzea Textiles

“I wish I could tell the world about all the superior benefits of vinyl upholstery.”

Patricia Frisoni, The Children’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado