John Weaver Interview, Part Three

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John Weaver, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Morbern has been with the company for 12 years. We sat down with him to talk about the challenges and opportunities in the vinyl upholstery industry. In part three of our three-part interview, we look at innovations and the future of coated fabrics. Read parts one and two

What advances in automotive, marine, RV and contract industries have been made possible by vinyl?

Advances in PVC coated fabrics have significantly impacted many markets.

Something we often take for granted is cleanliness in public spaces. You can spend time in arenas such as airports, hospitals, hotels, lobbies, casinos, restaurants—just to name a few—with confidence because the PVC coated fabric you are sitting on, or touching in any manner, is easily cleaned and cleanable. It doesn’t have nooks and crannies to hide germs and its impermeable surface means nothing leaks into the seat itself.

In the world of automotive, Morbern’s vinyls offer the ultimate in cleanability and comfort.

Fully perforated material on seating surfaces allows drivers to ride in comfort through the vehicle’s ventilation system.

The latest in cleanable technology allows for easy cleaning in restaurant interiors, as our lifestyles have us on the run. In offices, Morbern’s cleanable technology makes the denim staining (denim dye transfer) on seats a thing of the past.

What do you wish people knew about vinyl?

It’s a safe choice for upholstery and has many daily applications.

It’s cleanable–from small everyday stains like mustard or BBQ sauce to serious healthcare environment staining, Morbern’s vinyls incorporate technology to keep surfaces stain-free and cleanable.

It has longevity–its durability means less replacement.

It is affordable–it is a low-cost upholstery option.

What should we expect from the vinyl industry in 2021?

Morbern is an active member of the Chemical, Films & Fabric Association. The CFFA is rolling out a Health Care Coverstock Certification program in 2021. The intent of the program is to provide customers confidence when purchasing and using material with the CFFA Certificate Logo. This is part of Morbern’s Market Leadership initiative to ensure confidence and peace of mind to all our customers.