ISO 9001:2015

Morbern is North America’s premier supplier to the automotive industry. The ISO 9001:2015 certified and vertically integrated manufacturer has excellent quality control and just-in-time delivery.

Manufacturing & Distribution

The company’s nine manufacturing and distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada ensure customers a constant supply of quality vinyl products.

Global Capabilities

Morbern has more than 30 years experience with global sourcing, providing customers an assurance of supply and a wide range of product options.

Product Tip: Vinyl is an excellent alternative to leather. It can achieve the soft hand and
pebbled texture of leather at a fraction of the price.


Morbern OEM Auto Upholstery Fabric and Trim = Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

Morbern’s leadership in the auto upholstery fabric market stems from decades of experience and success in automotive and correlating industries like trucking, RV and mass transit. Innovation, industry leading design, attention to detail, product performance and best-in- class customer service all serve as the backbone for Morbern Automotive. Plus, our seven distribution centers across North America allow us to efficiently serve customers.

We provide interior trim materials (PVC, urethanes and TPO) for Seat Systems, Door Panel Systems and Instrument Panel Systems.

Seating, Cut-and-Sew Products

We provide solid supported and supported expanded vinyls for seating and cut-and-sew operations. Our range of products includes luxurious, leather-like textures and 4-way balanced stretch products to improve cutting facilities process efficiencies.

Moldable Products

Our products include UEV’s (unsupported expanded vinyls), supported expanded vinyl, PVE composites and TPO composites. Our products are versatile and functional in the most demanding processes, including Compression Molding, Thermo Forming, Vacuum Forming, Low Pressure Molding, Hand Wrap Applications and Reaction Injection Molding.

For additional information on how Morbern Automotive can meet your interior cover stock requirements, please contact a sales representative using our Find Your Rep form.

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Did You Know?

Vinyl makes vehicles last longer. The average service life of a modern road vehicle is now 17 years in contrast to 11½ years in the 1970s.

“Morbern’s digital printing capabilities create crisp designs not achievable with other printing methods”

Jenni Hohendorf, Burch Fabrics

“Having no additives is extremely important. Right now it is just California but it’s definitely going to cross the nation.”

Mitzi Mills, Anzea Textiles

“In coated fabrics, Morbern was our first supplier to provide an FR-free PVC.”

Mitzi Mills, Anzea Textiles

“I wish I could tell the world about all the superior benefits of vinyl upholstery.”

Patricia Frisoni, The Children’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado