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Morbern Applauded for Environmental Agreement

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The Vinyl Institute of Canada in conjunction with Environment and Climate Change Canada recently recognized Morbern for its continued work to protect the environment.

Morbern, a leading manufacturer of vinyl upholstery with corporate headquarters in Cornwall, Ontario, and U.S. offices in High Point, received a Letter of Achievement for fully implementing the 2008 – 2013 Environmental Performance Agreement with respect to the use of tin stabilizers in the vinyl industry.

The agreement is unprecedented in the plastics industry in Canada. Never before has a regulatory body issued a joint letter with an industry association. The agreement sets standards for the use of tin stabilizers to ensure they don’t leech into the aquatic environment and the wildlife which it feeds.

The agreement is one of many environmentally-focused initiatives implemented by Morbern. This accomplishment comes alongside their new multi-million-dollar facility started in 2015 which reduces energy, solvent and water usage. This facility is planned to be operational in September 2017.