Interview with Morbern CEO, Part Two

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Mark Bloomfield, CEO of Morbern, reflects on his 30 years of experience in the textile industry. His story showcases his passion for the family business.

We recently sat down with Morbern CEO Mark Bloomfield to talk about how he got into the business. Today we talk with Mark about leadership, Morbern’s incredible workforce and the future of vinyl.

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What do you feel is the biggest strength of Morbern right now?

We have an internal DNA throughout the company of always striving to do better. While we are very proud of winning Canadas Best Managed, we know we can do so much more. I maintain lists of all the projects we have to improve our business year over year, and we do this for all areas of our business—raw materials, efficiencies, yields, IT, accounting, training, environmental, HR, etc.

How would you describe the Morbern workforce? 
I have enjoyed working with all the employees I interact with. Respect is important at Morbern, and I find that helps make the workplace more enjoyable. Our employees are a diligent, hard-working bunch, and a big component of our success.

What does employee leadership look like?

It is honestly seeking input from all employees, no matter how junior. Its also being willing to admit to not knowing everything, to admit when you are wrong, to show up with a good attitude and a positive work ethic, and to be respectful.

How do you keep your team motivated despite conflicts and obstacles?

With a positive work attitude. We do not attack people, we attack problems. When there’s a crisis, we work together to fix it. We then have a debrief, and discuss how to prevent this problem from occurring again.

How did Morbern navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic?

When COVID hit North America, we used the time for R&D.  We didn’t layoff any employees, even though our sales fell by more than 50%. This R&D philosophy has driven our sales greatly, well before COVID hit.

What is your vision for Morbern and its employees over the next 10 years?

Our vision statement is To bring innovative upholstery fabrics to every corner of the world.” We feel we can export our Canadian-designed products to anywhere in the world. We expect to continue our growth strategy and to continue to search out new markets for our technology.