Customization was a driver in the development of Freedom, an eco-friendly vinyl base coat that puts the choice in the designer’s hands.


The quote attributed to Henry Ford, “You can have any color, as long as it’s black” may have worked in the early Twentieth Century, a time when there was little competition. But today, Americans expect a wide range of choice in every aspect of their lives from personal effects to experiences to the offices and restaurants they visit.

That expectation of customization was a driver in the development of Freedom, an eco-friendly vinyl base coat that puts the choice in the designer’s hands. Freedom can be carried as far as the imagination can travel: colors, patterns and grains are unlimited.

Why should you care about custom choices in vinyl? Isn’t it all about looks? Customization in coated fabrics plays into the psychology of design, which affects the consumer’s attitude, their experience and their choices. What can custom designed vinyl do? Solve a problem. Attract a new customer. Differentiate your brand. Express a point of view. Engage visitors. Consider it a flexible tool for interior creation.

What’s so free about Freedom? It’s Morbern’s first FR-free, MR-free and phthalate-free digital-print-base vinyl fabric. In bright, Arctic white, it’s a blank slate for creating endless patterns, custom logos, unique branded backgrounds and artistic expressions. And even though it eliminates flame retardants, it still passes standard flame resistance tests including CA TB 117-2013, NFPA 260 and UFAC Class 1.

This durable, high-resolution digital printing base is ideal for contract and hospitality markets because Freedom can take the traffic with its high-abrasion resistance. Any company can print on vinyl, but making it adhere to vinyl takes expertise and experience. The ink must flex and it must be able to take a beating from everyday use. Freedom can withstand half a million double rubs on the Wyzenbeek test. This performance coupled with unlimited design options creates a superior product with long-term value in the marketplace.

Freedom is part of the MorGreen™ program, Morbern’s sustainability story and the products that exemplify it. Items with the MorGreen™ icon will help you recognize products with fewer additives. Also, the 100 percent recycled cardboard tubes are green, so they are easily identifiable in a warehouse or storage setting.

“Morbern’s digital printing capabilities create crisp designs not achievable with other printing methods”

Jenni Hohendorf, Burch Fabrics

“Having no additives is extremely important. Right now it is just California but it’s definitely going to cross the nation.”

Mitzi Mills, Anzea Textiles

“In coated fabrics, Morbern was our first supplier to provide an FR-free PVC.”

Mitzi Mills, Anzea Textiles

“I wish I could tell the world about all the superior benefits of vinyl upholstery.”

Patricia Frisoni, The Children’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado