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(n)Motion! Keeps Mass Transit Moving

With a focus on safety, cleanliness and comfort, Morbern’s mass transit vinyl base is superior to other upholstery surfaces.

(n)Motion! Keeps Mass Transit Moving

Buses, subways, monorails and commuter trains carry millions to work each day. The concept of streamlining traffic into and out of city centers not only helps congestion, but also lessens environmental impact. And as the Millennial generation embraces mass transit as a popular mode of connection and socialization, technology will drive innovations in the sector and competition for riders will increase, encouraging transit designers to differentiate their systems to build consumer preference.

Enter Morbern’s (n)motion!, the digital print base specifically designed for the mass transit industry. It’s a blank slate that puts the designer in the driver’ seat. Anything you can dream or design can be printed on this industry-specific base vinyl, which passes the Ultra Low Smoke (ULS) test and the Toxic Gas Generation test. Its hard-wearing abrasion resistance stands up to mass amounts of traffic and it has a cold crack rating of -25 degrees, making it a solid choice for colder climes.

With a focus on safety, cleanliness and comfort, Morbern’s mass transit vinyl base is superior to other upholstery surfaces. Vinyl lasts longer than fabric, cleans more easily and doesn’t harbor germs that can accumulate on soft surfaces. It eliminates the need for costly dry cleaning services that often put trains and buses out of service, adding to the expense.

As transit designers look to make their operations healthier and more efficient, vinyl is becoming the cover of choice. Its impermeable, cleanable barrier provides peace of mind. Especially in the time of COVID, you need something that can be wiped clean and withstand the ingredients from the harshest of cleaners, while maintaining product integrity.

And its durability makes it a smart choice for any budget. When it comes down to it, nothing does the job like vinyl. Vinyl lasts longer and cleans easier. Its affordable and customizable.

A solid choice for mass transit seating.

“Morbern’s digital printing capabilities create crisp designs not achievable with other printing methods”

Jenni Hohendorf, Burch Fabrics

“Having no additives is extremely important. Right now it is just California but it’s definitely going to cross the nation.”

Mitzi Mills, Anzea Textiles

“In coated fabrics, Morbern was our first supplier to provide an FR-free PVC.”

Mitzi Mills, Anzea Textiles

“I wish I could tell the world about all the superior benefits of vinyl upholstery.”

Patricia Frisoni, The Children’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado