Performance Vinyl Upholstery

For Healthcare Applications

MorCare by Morbern is the premier and original healthcare upholstery vinyl.

For many years, vinyl upholstery for Contract use such as in Healthcare and Hospitality, were very limited in scope. With the introduction of MorCare 10 million yards ago, Morbern revolutionized performance vinyl for healthcare applications; eliminating the need to choose between aesthetics and performance. With a vast offering of fashion-forward open line products, as well as completely custom design programs with our patented (u)phoria! printing technology, MorCare gives you both.

Morbern’s Healthcare vinyl performance properties include resistance to stains, bleach, fire, chemicals, and bacteria. Our healthcare vinyl is also durable, protecting against scrapes and scuffs.

To view stock products please select from the following options or explore custom health care options with our (u)phoria! technology.

Healthcare Products (see all or select from links below)

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