Allante FRee<sup>®</sup>

Allante FRee® is part of the MorGreen™ program, the story of Morbern’s sustainability journey and the products that exemplify it.

Allante FRee®

The drive for clean products, fewer additives and conscious consumption can be seen across dozens of industries around the country and throughout the world. Its roots may be in California, a state that has long pushed tighter, stronger and healthier regulations on products, but it’s appeal is widespread. The quick adoption by healthcare organizations is to be expected, but the recent move into the contract market, one that has been hit hard by the pandemic, is an indicator of both its wider appeal and its importance.

In decades past, offices, conference rooms, lobbies, assembly rooms and break rooms were rarely given much thought beyond proper lighting, ample seating and climate control. But today’s contract design delves much deeper into the personal needs of employees including privacy, health and inclusion.

Influencers in the contract market began asking for less additives in products, including their choice of upholstery material, so Morbern created Allante FRee®, an environmentally friendly, luxury hand, leather-like vinyl. Allante FRee® is void of flame retardants, anti-microbial resistant additives and ortho-phthalates. Yet it still meets all of the requirements for contract interiors including CAL TB 117-2013, NFPA 260 and UFAC Class 1. And performance is still a main attribute. Allante FRee® has enhanced denim dye resistance, advanced cleanability, and resistance to oils (from cosmetics, cooking oils and fatty foods). It’s available in a range of 25 solid colorways from neutrals to saturated reds, greens and blues.

Allante FRee® is part of the MorGreen™ program, the story of Morbern’s sustainability journey and the products that exemplify it. Morbern has long looked for ways to reduce environmental impact because it’s the right thing to do for our customers, our employees and our planet.

Allante Free® joins products like Bantam, Abbey, Cinema, and other Morcare Collection™ products in reducing additives while maintaining performance characteristics. How do you know which products are part of the MorGreen™ program? Look for the MorGreen™ icon and the green, 100 percent recycled cardboard tubes, which help easily identify MorGreen™ products in a warehouse or storage setting.

“Morbern’s digital printing capabilities create crisp designs not achievable with other printing methods”

Jenni Hohendorf, Burch Fabrics

“Having no additives is extremely important. Right now it is just California but it’s definitely going to cross the nation.”

Mitzi Mills, Anzea Textiles

“In coated fabrics, Morbern was our first supplier to provide an FR-free PVC.”

Mitzi Mills, Anzea Textiles

“I wish I could tell the world about all the superior benefits of vinyl upholstery.”

Patricia Frisoni, The Children’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado