Morbern Marine Products Gain IMO-MED Certification

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Morbern’s newest marine vinyls, Surf and Bayside have just received the International Maritime Organization Marine Equipment Directive Wheelmark, or IMO MED Wheelmark, certification.


The IMO MED Wheelmark is a quality management system which sets performance and testing standards for marine equipment placed on vessels sailing on international waters. The certification is recognized internationally and it remains valid for five years.


Surf and Bayside are designed to handle all the challenges that long exposure to sun and water bring. Both employ Morbern’s Splash construction, a pink-stain resistant vinyl formulation, the gold standard in the marine industry.  With UV protection, crack resistance and 4-way stretch, they are ideal materials for boat interiors and exteriors. They can handle the weather with their mildew resistance, 1,000 hours of exposure under WeatherOmeter testing, and a cold crack rating of -25 degrees Fahrenheit.


The IMO MED certification’s icon, the “wheel mark” accreditation, will be included on all new product cards, indicating the company’s vinyl can be specified for large vessels and passenger ships.