With thousands of SKUs, Morbern’s selection of vinyl upholstery fabrics has a fit for every job. Depending on the construction, Morbern vinyl fabrics are stain resistant, easy to clean, durable, fire resistant, and antimicrobial and denim dye resistant. They’re also soft and supple, in a spectrum of trend setting colors and textures.

Discover a world of beauty and performance in Morbern’s coated fabrics.

  • Abbey Tropical sample swatch

    Abbey Memo Sample

  • Allante FRee® Memo Sample

  • Arc White Pine sample swatch

    Arc Memo Sample

  • Aristo Baked Pottery sample swatch

    Aristo Memo Sample

  • Ginger / BM-480

    Bantam Memo Sample

  • Cinema Champagne sample swatch

    Cinema Memo Sample

  • City Everglade sample swatch

    City Memo Sample

  • Duration Atlantis sample swatch

    Duration Memo Sample

  • Extraordinaire Charcoal sample swatch

    Extraordinaire Memo Sample

  • Flair Adobe sample swatch

    Flair Memo Sample

  • Hexx Pumpkin sample swatch

    Hexx Memo Sample

  • Light Grey / CAO-27

    Knockout Memo Sample

  • Maverick Gypsy Red sample swatch

    Maverick Memo Sample

  • Natural Linen Moss sample swatch

    Natural Linen Memo Sample

  • Nomad Marlin sample swatch

    Nomad Memo Sample

  • Surge Waterfall sample swatch

    Surge Memo Sample

  • Purple Regalia / VRS-05

    Varsity (NEW) Memo Sample

  • Verve Café sample swatch Cafe

    Verve Memo Sample