Dream it. Design it. Create it.

Anything you can create, can be a reality on vinyl.

(u)phoria! vinyl is stain-resistant, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and durable enough to withstand high traffic levels. Morbern has married the performance of vinyl upholstery with the aesthetic beauty of fabric and created (u)phoria!

Whether you’re designing an upscale eatery, a hospital patient room, or a multitude of other environments such as casinos, clubs, cruise ships hotels,

motels, resorts, or spas, (u)phoria! is performance with style and flair. The world is now your canvas.

(u)phoria! is the creation of Morbern, Inc. Dream it. Design it. Create it. And bring it to life with (u)phoria!

For more information or to place an order, please contact a Morbern Customer Service Representative at 888-MORBERN.